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1 year anniversary!



Welcome to OutlandsTreasure.com, a new player maintained web site dedicated to treasure maps in Ultima Online Outlands. We have mapped the entire world into “zones” (see map above) where you compare the in game treasure map to our online reference. Once you have narrowed down the correct zone number, head to our rune book library and recall right to the spot.

Has it been a year already! It sure has – I just renewed the website and domain name. Thanks everyone for your time, suggestions, effort, update, comments and continued use of this resource that we started not so long ago…  -Jewele


Map zones now have color coding on them (see map). If the hovered color is RED, then other players have noted this is a highly trafficked PK spot. Recommend you sell the map or bring friends.

High resolution maps are here! Please be patient while I update the hover pictures for high resolution images. These include a fancy treasure map border, standard sizing of images, and a better quality mini-map (see example below).

Added all the little islands you had to sail to before. They don’t have TMaps but I marked them in case you want to go explore. Just hover over the islands in the big map to see their name and use the rune library to get there.

Points of Interest!


To better align how players locate treasure maps, either through the zone or POI system, all rollovers on the main map will show a minimap of the area along with its closest points of interest.

Please be patient while I update all the points.

Rune Library

Our Rune Library is located right next to the Terran moon gate!. Since its a public rune library, anyone is free to use. Full library books, available for purchase, will be coming soon.

World points of interest are also a good way to find treasure maps, but we do not host those libraries here. Either method works – but our library is more comprehensive and includes some of those “hard to reach” locations.

I discourage copying these runebooks for your own use as they can and will change over time. Thanks! ~ Jewele.


This site was created for the Ultima Online Outlands player community out of passion for the game and willingness to help other players. We moderate all content submission and will only accept posts which we deem appropriate and constructive. 

This site is self-funded and non-profit. If you wish to donate to help keep it running, links are provided below. If you see an error or wish to contribute please contact us directly. 

We work closely with the Outlands server staff to bring you this content and run the site with their blessing. Please only contact us for any matter in regards to this site. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please do not contact Outlands server staff regarding this web site.



Please contribute to the accuracy of our map database by adding comments or submitting suggestions. We definitely want to hear from you. We want this to be the premier treasure map site for the entire server and anything you can offer is welcome.

Find a new treasure map location we haven’t gotten to yet? Have an in game treasure map gump for a location? This is exactly what we are looking for ~ post that in your discord server, send to me (Jewele).



The site runs about $150 per year US, which comes out of my pocket. This is just the hosting and domain registration fee – all the work I donate myself for free. If you would like to help me out, you can donate Prevalia Coins to me (in game) as a way of saying “Thanks!!”. Not required of course, but sure appreciated!

Please contact me in discord first : Jewele