Backpack Mods 2.11.2019

Hello all,

I publish mods for my guild which include different styles of backpacks. We have had so much success with them, figured I’d offer them to the server!

What are these?

These are files you replace in your Outlands Ultima online directory – just grab the set you want to drop them in. Instantly you get all the mods and a new backpack style. They are a blend of Gaechti’s mods and my own research.

You get the following Gaetchi mods:

  • BetterRegs
  • CleanFloor
  • BigKey
  • EasyDungeonTraps
  • PinkFootSteps
  • Big Status Bars
  • NoTrees
  • Big Keys
  • Big Jewels
  • Dark Journal
  • Better Trade Window

Who made them?

The mods are from community contributors, I do the bundling and patching work for Outlands files. Every time the Outlands team publishes a new client file patch, I have to download the files, patch them all by hand. Yes, its time intensive. Credit to Ace Mason for the pink footsteps by the way ~ love it!

How do I use?

Pick backpack style you want, drop those files into Ultima Online Outlands directory. From then on, use the UOSteam shortcut to launch your game. Do not use UOO Launcher, as it will just replace the modified files with fresh new ones.

DO NOT USE UOO LAUNCHER. Can’t emphasize that enough. Launch your game directly through your client application (razor, uosteam, orion etc).

Do I need to back anything up?

No. Want to revert? Run launcher.

I need help!

I don’t want to get hundreds of PMs asking for help – I really don’t – and its the only reason I hesitated posting these. They work just fine – I have 20+ people using them. Please try to troubleshoot yourself before you PM me. Then I will help.

How often are these updated?

I will update them when I hear the client files are patched. These files work as of 2.11.2019.

And here are your backpacks!


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