9.1.2019 UO Outlands OCEAN BOSSES!

Wow! Is it finally time? Has it come true? YES. The ocean bosses are up and we spent some time today with Luthius testing them out. Here is a summary of our ship adventures. I recorded over an hour of video but after review, realized it was pretty boring – lots of running and rezzing. So I figured I’d share the highlights of this event!

Special thanks to the following pirates who contributed to this testing:

  • Frag
  • Seabastian
  • Jewele (thats me)

Seabastian and I organized ourselves outside Shelter Island, where Luthius appeared and offered to spawn either boss. We decided for mini – quite unsure what was going to happen. Shortly after, Frag appeared on his galleon, which was a nice surprise!

Mini Boss

The mini boss wasn’t too bad, and according to Luthius, was more “melee” oriented. This means the encounter provides more opportunities for melee spec’d characters to do damage to it. 


The Insatiable Maw likes to spawn tentacles and stuff all over your deck to fight. This is where you melee folks start to do your work. Killing the tentacles damages the boss. It also spawns “barnacles” which you have to attack – again, doing damage to the boss for killing them. The barnacles, while on your ship, slow you down, too.

The cannons didn’t do a lot of damage to this boss as you can see – just in the 20s. It’s got all kinds of nasty AOE effects it throws as well. It was a lot of fun – tons of tentacles – aoe attacks, stuff happening all over you – really great encounter. Frag was able to get his crew to kill it – but it had us running away nonstop. 

Well here’s how my encounter with the mini ended. You can see all the different types of tentacles spawning on your boat – pretty nasty stuff.  I wasn’t quite prepared for that.

Main Boss

The main boss was a nightmare, even for 3 of us, carracks and galleons. But it is a main boss after all right? It should be tough and we have no idea what we are doing or his vulnerabilities. With zero strategy, we were ill prepared.


The Ocean Fury is appropriately named. He brings the fury like no other. This sucker throws so much at you, I was running the moment i saw him. He summons storms, throws whirlwinds of broken wood at you, summons mobs on your ship, summons stones on your ship to slow you down, casts Icebreaker attacks on your ship. Oh my! That’s him boiling the oceans on my ship.

He brings the thunder. But guess what, he also brings the lightning. Ow! Ok that hurts. These lightning columns erupt on your ship in random locations and if you are standing in it, its going to be a bad hair day. Look at my ship hull % – I’m in real trouble!

This horrible monster goes after Seabastian, so I decide to try and draw him away, you know – take one for the team. See what this guy can do! For glory!!! – …as I close into range for a melee attack!

The End

Well that was the end of my contribution to this seafaring venture. Quickly smited, I was able to jump on my alt an limp my ship back to shore.


Next time Ocean Fury.. next time…



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