Who Are we?


Thanks for visiting. You might know me as “Jewele” in discord, and in game. I am the site author and sponsor. Special thanks to the players below who have contributed so much to this site, keeping it up to date!


Sir Map Alot

Sir Map Alot pioneered the exclusive world zone system for treasure maps.

Sir Map Alot has completed hundreds and hundreds of maps, marking each area with a rune. This started out as a personal rune library but grew quickly. A few months after server launch, we realized, we had to share this! 

August 2019 Archie left the server and deleted all his characters. We will miss you Archie, fair winds at your back!


Web site creator, author.
aka. ‘Jewele’

I am your web site author and administrator. Feel free to send any issues directly to me. I also write a lot of scripts for the UO Steam client. I love programming, web stuff, and of course Outlands!

LAra Crofty (Kevlar)

Lord Explorer

Lara has literally sent me hundreds of screenshots and spot updates – over 90% of the treasure map information on this entire web site comes from Lara!

We can’t thank you enough!!! – Ozy and Archie

No in game donations will ever be accepted, we do this for fun.


All artwork on this website is copyrighted and used with permission. A special thanks to the following artists for making their work available for non-commercial purposes. Without their amazing talent and generosity, beautiful sites like this would not be possible. You can follow the links below to their respective galleries.

Joakim Olofsson

Jeremy Peabody