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We dig deep around here…

This web site assumes you already know how to dig up treasure maps in Outlands. The value we add is a quick travel system, zone notes, and map locations. Please see the following posts if you are new to treasure maps :





Zone Locations

The Outlands server has over 1600 locations for treasure maps! If you have played other Ultima Online servers, you may be used to treasure map rune-books sending you to the exact location you need to be. This is different. Because there are so many locations possible, we instead send you to the zone where the map pin can be found, saving you travel time getting there. Our rune library is located right next to a public moon-gate so its easy access for everyone.

1. Decode

Decoding is your first step, giving your an in game approximation of the area where your treasure map might be. Spyglass quality and cartography skill play a big role in map accuracy.

2. Locate

Once you have an in game map, open our zone map (below).

Compare your in game mini-map with the zone map to find the zone you need. Once you have that identified, head over to our runebook library, open the page to the correct number and recall. Viola! You are now that much closer to your destination.

3. Recall

Looks like this is in Zone 3. Visit the Rune Library for our Treasure Maps, open the page to Zone 3 – and Recall. You are now ready to start digging. Good luck treasure hunter!


So much to do, so little time…

Are all the treasure map sites represented?

No. We found a lot but we know there are more. Help us out and send them to us. We will add the new zone, and put your character names in the zone notes for its discovery.

Is this a blog?

Not right now. If time permits, we might start blogging and providing some more tips. For this moment, we are just focused at getting the web site up and running. If you have something to share about treasure maps, the Outlands forums are the best place for this.

Can I copy this rune library and host it at my house?

Yes, we hope that you do. Just return to the web site occasionally for site udpates to make sure your runes are up to date.

Will the rune locations ever change?

Never. We will add new ones but will never re-label existing numbers.

Who pays for this site?

I do (Jewele). At some point I may ask for donations for hosting costs, but not right now.


Can I see my comments on a page?

We are trying not to be chat moderators with this site. If the comment is useful and appropriate, we will post it on a zone page.

Why do some zones have so many mini-maps?

Our zones may encompass several treasure map locations; we are trying to strike a balance between having too many small zones, and too large an area. The world geography is a good indicator of zone boundaries.

Why are so many zones lacking information about monsters and murderers?

The site has literally just launched, we will need your help with this information. Eventually, we will get to it – but it will go a lot faster if you help us. Send monster information, murderer risks, in game map pictures to Oh, and include your character name!

Who are the Admins?

Sir Map Alot and myself (Jewele). I play ‘Ozymandias’ in game. Say hi some time.