Custom Game Mods

Update : Mods have been updated for the 5/12/2020 patch.

Welcome to my UI Mods page for Ultima Online Outlands. This page contains links to pre-packaged mods that you can use right now. Just use the links below to download the files into your game directory. If you want me to customize a mod for you – that is, you pick and choose what you want, then you can contact me in discord (Jewele).
These mods are all free – I donate my time to make them for everyone. So download and enjoy!!


UI LANDFALL IS DONE!  Huge UI makeover mod with custom buttons and multiple new windows. Get it below!
Exclusive UI mod update for UO Outlands. Never released to public before – this is a first! Capture this beautiful art on your screen.

These mods are :

  • Compatible with any Ultima Online Outlands client.
  • 100% safe. Just modifying resource files and art. Nothing else is affected.
  • Quickly reversed (just run your Outlands launcher to reverse the file changes).

Everything you need to know about mods

What is a mod?

A “mod” is a changed set of game files that replace existing art with new art – giving your personal client a different look and feel. This changes the game appearance only for you – nobody else in the world will be able to see your changes. Depending on where the change is, one or more files may need to be updated. Typically, we just mod the art and gump files, but occasionally, the animations can be updated.

Why do people mod?

It makes the game easier to play. For example, I do a lot of sailing – the sail graphics get in the way. Also, I do a lot of Lumberjacking. By removing all the world clutter and only seeing the tree stumps, I know exactly where to gather resources. I also use my runebooks a lot and searching a cluttered pack for one is a real hassle – hence, the runebook graphic was made larger.

Can I mod myself?

Yes. For the most part it works fine, but there is a learning curve as well as special tools you need to do it. When starting out, it can be a headache. If you get stuck, PM me and I can answer questions. Gaechti’s web site has instructions on how to do this.

Can they break?

Definitely. A mod only lives as long as the art files it contains are accurate to the day you are running the game. Art files don’t update too often, so a set of mod files can live for 4-6 months or longer, if no updates are done. If the server admins add new art files, we need to get a new copy of those art files, re-apply the mod update, then you will be good to go. Failure to do this will result in all sorts of world anomalies and missing graphics.

What clients are supported?

Mods work with any client. Some clients even offer their own modding features, such as turning off trees in UO Classic. This is why I leave trees intact, so users can turn them off if they are using that client.

Is it legal?

Yes, Owyn and Luthius have given the green light on mods. 


The installation steps are simple.

  1. Close your running instances of Ultima Online
  2. Download the game files from my web site shares.
  3. Replace the files in your game directory (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\UOO)
  4. Start your game by using your client .exe directly. Do not use the Outlands launcher.
  1. Close your running instances of Ultima Online
  2. Run the Outlands launcher, and patch. It will replace the modified files with their originals.

Free Mods

These mods are ones that I have created for anyone to use. I host them on my Google Drive and you are welcome to download them any time. They represent a set of changes I feel “most” people would enjoy. Think of them as “quality of life” upgrades for your game experience.

Server Patches

Mandatory server patches which do not require updates to : art.mul, artidx.mul, gumpart.mul, gumpidx.mul

  1. Run Outlands Patcher to update your files
  2. Download my mods and replace existing files.
  3. Play

Quick Start

Quick Install

  • Go to the google drive link (below)
  • Download 2-4 files as a .zip archive
  • Unzip those files into your ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\UOO’ directory and overwrite existing files.
  • Play.

Quick Uninstall

  • Open the UOO Launcher
  • Click Patch.
  • Make sure you see it downloading new files (art… gump..)
  • Let it finish
  • Play.

LandFall Basic

LandFall Basic is just the landfall UI Paperdoll mod and nothing else. This is for folks who want an update to their paperdoll but leave the rest of the art intact. 

The following mods are included:

  • LandFall UI

LandFall Enhanced

LandFall Enhanced adds some “nice to haves” for the game while not changing things up too drastically. This is geared for players who want spice things up a little bit, make drops easier to see, and clear out some of the landscape clutter.

The following mods are included:

  • Everything in LandFall Basic 
  • Clean Floor 
  • Green Bags 
  • Green Corpse 
  • Big Rares 
  • Small Gold 2 
  • Colored Spell Icons 
  • Better Regs 
  • Status Bars 
  • Dark Journal 
  • Party Bars

LandFall Complete

LandFall Complete updates a lot of stuff in the game, including every mod that is popular and helps with various activities (lumberjacking, boating, PVP, etc). It is my favorite and includes all of my art.

The following mods are included:

  • Everything in LandFall Enhanced
  • No Blockers
  • Fancy Backpack 
  • Big Jewelry 
  • Jewele’s Big Skill Balls
  • Jewele’s Aspect
  • Jewwel’s Skill Scrolls
  • Big MCD
  • Fire Ebolt
  • Pink Footsteps
  • Big Tracking Arrows (new!)

Download with Trees

Download without Trees

last updated 2.28.2020

LandFall Basic Mariner

LandFall Basic Mariner contains only a few ocean oriented mods, nothing else. The following mods are included:

  • Mariner Shelf
  • Landfall Ocean UI Mods

Need to do, will get to this soon.

LandFall Complete Mariner

LandFall Mariner extends LandFall Complete with a ocean oriented mods. The trade and logout screens don’t have the blue color yet and there are a few more things I’d like to add. If you want to play with it, just grab below. The following mods are included:

  • Everything in LandFall Complete
  • Mariner Shelf
  • Landfall Ocean UI Mods

    Big tracking arrows may cause graphic anomaly on crew gump ~ will show up distorted, but work.

Need to do, will get to this soon.

last updated 2.28.2020

Custom Mods

I can help with custom mods if you want a different set than those provided above. I take requests and ask nothing in return as long as you give me some time to make it, test and upload it for you. If you need help applying these yourself, help and questions are welcome!

Donations are welcome but not required at all!

Mod List

You will find the list of mods available below. Many are hosted by Gaechti and I’ve gotten his blessing to charge people in game for my modding services. If you would like to apply them yourself, you certainly can by going to his websiteSome of these mods are “mine” (my artwork) or mixed with other authors. I try to give credit where I can and if you see missing attributions, please let me know! 

Tree Mods

Everyone using this mod owes Gaechti a huge thanks for the hours he spent perfecting it! Over 800 art updates!

No Trees

Removes trees from world, replacing them with stumps.

No Blockers

Replaces blocking world plants/obstacles with rocks or hatches in stumps. Notice how dead plants and small rocks get replaced. Art shown with No Trees mod to better show the blocking object updates.

Clean Floor

Removes the plants and clutter on the world floor, making it easier to navigate through blocking obstacles. Art shown with No Trees mod to better show the forest floor changes.

Warning : Clean Floor mod will remove some plants from the game that you can grow in containers. Contact me if you see your plants missing and I can put them back by hand.

Paperdoll Mods

LandFall UI

The LandFall UI comes to us from the Ultima Landfall project, apparently now defunct. However, one of the artists was kind enough to share this amazing artwork. I took the base art, updated all the buttons, fixed some game rendering issues – and viola! We have a gorgeous new paperdoll gump, logout screen, and item trading screen. Thanks to my buddy for allowing me to get a screenshot with him.

This is a fantastic game mod I highly recommend. It will revolutionize the look and feel of your paperdoll. The art work came from a user named Kartman who runs this web site. Looks like work stopped years ago – but I was able to salvage some of it and turn it into a full mod.

Check back at Christmas 2019 – I have a special Holiday version with lights and reindeer I will be offering.

If you want my Landfall art and mods with scripts you can get them here : LINK

Ocean Mods

No Sails

Removes sails from boats.

  • Small graphic anomaly depending on which direction ship is facing.
  • Otherwise, a very clean mod.
  • Picture is my ship vs. a boss – but shows you how cluttered a deck can get – removing sails really helps.

Furled Sails

Replaces full sails with furled sails.

  • Removes sail blocking your view.
  • Easier to locate targets on enemy ships.
  • Added flying parrot.

Mariner's Shelf

Custom art supply shelf for #shippeople.

Shelf I made for the ship oriented folks ~ a way to spice up your house boat supply shelf.

  • Replaces the default supply shelf graphic in game.
  • Looks really good in house boats!
  • Graphic on left is the art file.


Green Bags

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Makes items easier to see in containers.

Green Corpse

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Makes loot easier to see on corpses.


Big Rares

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Enlarges many of the rare items in the game.
  • It is missing the MCD art, which you can add (below).

Scrolls by Circle

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Colored bands on skill scrolls for each circle.

Scrolls by Jewele

  • My own graphics
  • Makes scrolls smaller so they don’t clutter up boss corpses and hide loot.
  • Recalls and Gates are colored for easier identification (Gates dont drop on mobs, but Recalls do).

Small Gold 2

My own creation; adds a "smaller" gold pile. You can still grab it with the mouse in game. Helps with boss corpses.

Jewele's Aspect

My custom large aspect item art for boss raids.

  • Updates art for Cores, Extracts and Phylacteries.
  • Large aspect item art allows for easier looting of corpses and bosses.

Large Runebooks

My custom art for big runebooks.

  • Updates art for Runebooks to make them easier to find.
  • So tired of hunting in my darn pack for a runebook!!

Big Skill Ball

My own custom art for Skill balls

  • My art for skill balls.


  • Enlarged version of game art for MCD..
  • Allows for easier looting.


Bloody Backpack

Ewww... its all bloody...

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.
  • Art can be lightened on request for better item visibility.

Celtic Backpack

Gorgeous black and gold pattern.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.

Dragon Backpack

This was part of a much larger UI theme.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.

Fancy Backpack

My modified art from an existing pattern.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.
  • You might recognize this – but I took the art and lightened it to match the color of the small pack and remove the dark areas.
  • Uses Landfall paper doll art.

Primitive Backpack

Fresh skin from some terrible beasty.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.


Easy to see items; my favorite.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.

Strappy Backpack

Another good pattern for high visibility.

  • Updates main pack art and paper doll pack.


Ice Ebolt

Changes pattern for Ebolt.

Ice Ebolt 2

Changes pattern for Ebolt.

Fire Ebolt

Changes pattern for Ebolt.

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Replaces game art for ebolt spells.
  • Choose which one you want.

Red Lightning

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Replaces game art for lightning spell.

Blue Lightning

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Replaces game art for lightning spell.

Spell Icons

Colored Spell Icons

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Spell icons appear same as original just colored.
  • Icons on game bar and spellbook will all be updated.


Stealth Footsteps

  • Credit to Ace Mason
  • Makes stealth footsteps REALLY easy to see.
  • No thieves are sneaking up on you with this running.

Better Regs

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Makes in game reagents easier to see.

Big Jewelry

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Makes in game jewels and jewelry easier to see.

Dark Journal

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Easier to read journal entries

New Trade Window

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Easier to see trade items

Status Bars

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Better health bar graphics

Big Tracking Arrows

  • 20% larger tracking arrow
  • Blue color for easy identification
  • Blinks red in game

Party Bars

Kudos to Gaechti for figuring this one out! Its amazing!

  • Mod hosted by Gaechti
  • Easier to see party bars
  • Red button is Greater Heal
  • Green button is Cure


Showing off fancy backpack with lots of brownish items in it.

  • Really good contrast makes items easy to see.

Dragon backpack with my aspect art.

  • Shows off Aspect Cores and Aspect Extract
  • Very easy to see on boss corpses!

Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy the free mods and lets work on something for you! I’m always available to chat and help.

UO Outlands is something special and, let’s keep it that way!

Remember to donate.